Meet the Midwife

Jen Anderson-Tarver, CPM, RM

Jen Anderson-Tarver is a Certified Professional Midwife or CPM registered to practice in Colorado since 2011.  Jen attended National Midwifery Institute, a MEAC accredited program, and over the course of 3.5 years completed her clinical training in the home setting as well a short stint at a free-standing birth center.  Jen has attended over 325 births including more than 200 home births.

Jen began her journey towards midwifery in July 2007, having worked prior as a Doula privately in Chicago and then on-staff at a public hospital in Minneapolis. Having worked with a variety of hospital-based providers, she was drawn to the holistic aspects of the CPM credential and recognized that training solely out-of-hospital would best prepare her to practice in the home setting with its unique dynamics and to instill trust in the normalcy of childbirth.  To help create a network within home birth, Jen united with other midwives to form Denver Midwives Collective, a unique group of midwifery practices offering consistent back-up and adding community space within home birth.

Prior to birth work, Jen holds a BA in Art. When not at a birth or in prenatals; you'll find Jen out in her garden, enjoying a cup of tea with her husband Chris or speaking French with her sons Pascal and Cassien, both born at home.


   " I am committed to an integrated midwifery practice that is informed by current research, mindful of traditions, and sensitive to intuition. I am dedicated to skilled care that compassionately partners with families and adapts to their needs through informed choice. The midwife’s role is that of a guide, offering information and respecting the family’s voices while being a guardian of safety.  Homebirth provides a safe, intimate, empowering option for natural childbirth for those who are healthy and low-risk.  Most births occur without need for intervention because our bodies are well designed, wise and complex. Birth is an incredible transformative experience, teaching midwives and families alike.  The initial bonding with this new life should be supported, as babies are aware conscious individuals.  This is a rarely witnessed sacred moment and must be protected.  The natural process, when not routinely interrupted or pushed, often provides the best outcomes.  Midwifery can help you access the ways you already know best how to care for your body. Together we partner to minimize risks and nudge things back into normal.  Despite best efforts and intentions, when complications arise that exceed the options available at home and necessitate transport to a hospital, I am thankful for timely and appropriate medical technology."

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