What makes home birth different?

      Giving birth is an incredible transformative experience teaching families and midwives alike. Home birth is a safe satisfying option for women who want to give birth naturally. Given the climate of time limits, inductions, and labels like “failure to progress,” home birth offers an alternative that honors a wide range of normal. The midwife’s role is of a guide, offering information and respecting the mother’s and family’s decisions while being a guardian of safety.

Jen Anderson-Tarver, CPM, RM serves the Denver and Front Range areas providing:

           -  complete holistic prenatal care
           -  gentle natural birth and waterbirth in your home
           -  breastfeeding assistance
           -  care for mom and baby for 6 weeks postpartum

Why Home Birth?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does care look like with a midwife?

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